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Dancing at Home

Improving Family Lives One Day At A Time


Our mission is to improve the lives of women and children who are struggling with their basic needs, health, education and literacy by providing support, education and resource tools to empower them to improve their lives by achieving greater self-sufficiency.​

OUR Programs

We strive to provide women and children with the basic needs to achieve their greatest potential.

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Motivate Communities to focus on their education


We motivate women, children and youth to focus on learning, developing and implementing the education that they learn about.

Women Empowerment & Literacy Tuition 

Women Colleagues

We offer women empowerment and literacy tuition for women who strive to break barriers, do great things life and improve their overall quality of their lives.

Basic Needs For Children


We provide the basic needs for children in the community. 

Education Counseling Parent & Children


We provide help to families by counseling parents and their kids to be better educated.

Basic Health Care Needs

Kids Doctor Checkup

We provide basic health care needs for families that truly need our help.

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